Last league game for India, semifinals & finals after this game.

India is in a comfortable position to reach semifinals & will no doubt reach to the next stage.

So what does that mean for us?

Changes & more changes!

As this is the last game where they can experiment a few players & give them a chance before the important stage of the tournament, you might again see a few changes.

There are 15 members in squad, out of which Only Mayank Dagar & KV Sasikant hasn’t played & Virat Singh played last game but he didn’t got the chance to bat .

So it seems logical & highly risky to take all three, Virat Singh is basically an Opener, so he might even open or play at 3 if he’s given another game.

Now what you can do?

Play with 2 teams today, first one with all these changes & high risk & play 10 & 20 members with less investment
& second team with all basic players & no risk at all for small leagues.

You’ll win  either way, i have posted a sample of 1st team considering all expected changes ,you can make 2nd team by taking all those players who played in the last games like Seth, Chahar etc.

Good Luck.

Good Luck.


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