Fantasy Cricket Tips for Sussex Vs Somerset

For those who are new to D11, our page & website,

You have to invest in the right leagues to win

Here’s some tips on investing & maximising your return:

1) If you play with our teams, play only & only 10,  20 members

2) Don’t expect to win everyday, nobody can win everyday. Not even 2 members.

3) Play regularly & don’t miss any game that is posted, you win 5/10 & you’re in huge profit.
(You get 230 investing 35 in 10 members & 500 investing 60 in 20 members)

4) Invest with the same amount everyday, no matter you win or lose. Just play with the same investment.

Following the same strategy, those who have been following since starting have made thousands & even lakhs with the same teams. Just invest properly & rest is on Luck.

Coming to today’s fixture,

Both teams have an unchanged 13 men squad

You can refer last squad if you want to.

D11 team

*Brown is a better wk pick, but bats at 6-7 & Davies opens for Somerset*
Leagues recommended: 10, 20 & few 5 members as well if you want to.
Good Luck.


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