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CSK vs RR Dream11 Team | CSK vs RR Dream11 Prediction | Today Dream11 Team | IPL 2021 |


IPL 2021: CSK vs RR

(Kindly don’t skip section 4 & 7) 

Average scores at Wankhede: 


Avg 1st innings score: 167/6, Avg 1st innings winning score: 186/6

IPL 2019: 

Avg 1st innings score: 168/6, Avg 1st innings winning score: 193/5 

Stadium wise runs break-up: 


Stadium wise Pace vs Spin: 


In IPL 2019, 79.5% of the wickets have been picked by pacers.

Batting first/second trend: 

YearMatches Bat 1st wonBat 2nd won

Team record at Wankhede: 

TeamMatches WonLost

IPL 2021: 

CSK: 188-7, DC: 190-3 (9-1)

PBKS: 221-6, RR: 217-7 (11-1) 

DC: 147-8, RR: 150-7 (13-0)

(First time in the History of IPL, a 20 over innings ended without a six at Wankhede)

PBKS: 195-4, DC: 198-4 (8-0) 

Pacers to spinners at Wankhede (IPL 2021) 41-2 

SECTION 2: Predicted XI’s: 


Uthappa (RHB)

Faf* (RHB)

Moeen* (LHB, RAO)

Raina (LHB)

Rayudu (RHB)

Dhoni (RHB) (C & WK)

Jadeja (LAO, LHB)

Curran* (LHB, LAM)

Bravo* (RAM)

Thakur (RAM)

Chahar (RAM)

*Ngidi is out of quarantine & is available for this game. 

*Possibly one more game for Gaikwad before Uthappa replaces him at the top. 


Vohra (RHB)

Buttler* (RHB)

Samson (RHB, WK) (C) 

Dube (LHB, RAM) 

Miller (LHB)

Riyan Parag (RHB, RAO)

Rahul Tewatia (LHB, RALB) 

Chris Morris (RAF, RHB) 

Unadkat (LAM) 

Fizz (LAM)

Chetan Sakariya (LAM) 

SECTION 3: Recent Form: 


Uthappa: Excellent 

Ruturaj: Good 

Vs DC: 5(8) 

Vs PBKS: 5(16) 

Faf: Average 

Vs DC: 0(3) 

Vs PBKS: 36*(33) 

Raina: Average 

Vs DC: 54(36) (No4) 

Vs PBKS: 8(9) 

Rayudu: Good

Vs DC: 23(16) (No5) 

Vs PBKS: 0(1) 

Moeen: Average 

Vs DC: 36(24) (No3) 3-33-0

Vs PBKS: 46(31) (No3) 3-17-1 (11,13,15) 

MSD: Unknown 

Vs DC: 0(2) (No7) 


Sam Curran: Good 

Vs DC: 34(15) (No8) 2-24-0 (2,4) 

Vs PBKS: 3-12-1 (2,4,20) 

Bravo: Average 

Vs DC: 4-28-1 (12,14,16,18) 

Vs PBKS: 2-10-1 (17,19) 

Jadeja: Will be his first game after injury 

Vs DC: 26(17) (RO) (No6) 2-16-0 (7,9)

Vs PBKS: 4-19-1 (8,10,12,14) 

Shardul Thakur: Excellent 

Vs DC: 3.4-53-2 (5,11,17,19)

Vs PBKS: 4-35-0 (6,9,16,18) 

Chahar: Average 

Vs DC: 4-36-0 (1,3,6,15) 

Vs PBKS: 4-1-13-4 (1,3,5,7) 


Stokes: Excellent 

Vs PBKS: 0(3) 1-12-0

Buttler: Has been good in T20’s recently but a poor ODI series. 

Vs PBKS: 25(13) 

Vs DC: 2(7) 

Vohra: Good 

Vs PBKS: 12(8) 

Vs DC: 9(11) 

Sanju: Good

Vs PBKS: 119(63) 

Vs DC: 4(3) 

Dube: Good 

Vs PBKS: 23(15) 1-20-0

Vs DC: 2(7) (No4) 

Miller: Very good

Vs DC: 62(43) (No5) 

Tyagi: Coming after an injury, hasn’t played much recently. 

Parag: Very good 

Vs PBKS: 1-7-1, 25(11) (No6) 

Vs DC: 2(5) 2-16-0 (9,13) 

Liam Livingstone: Very good.

Tewatia: Good 

Vs PBKS: 2(4) 2-25-0 (9,11) 

Vs DC: 3-27-0 (11,14,16) 19(17) (No7) 

Gopal: Good 

Vs PBKS: 3-40-0 (7,12,14)


Morris: Good 

Vs PBKS: 4-41-2 (4,6,16,18) 

Vs DC: 3-27-1 (5,8,15) 


Vs DC: 4-15-3 (2,4,6,10) 

Chetan Sakariya: Was very good in SMAT. 

Watch out for this kid, this season. Might take some time to adapt at this level, but he is a true match winner with the ball. Expecting a good season for him. 

Vs PBKS: 4-31-3 (1,3,17,20)

Vs DC: 4-33-0 (1,3,18,20) 


Vs PBKS: 4-45-0 (2,5,15,19) 

Vs DC: 4-29-2 (7,12,17,19)

Kuldip Yadav: LAM

Recent form: Unknown 

Section 4: Player Battles: 

Buttler vs Thakur, Bravo, Chahar & Ali: 

Bowler BallsRunsOuts

Samson vs Deepak: 

Outs3 (all 3 in 2nd innings)

Rayudu vs current RR bowling lineup: Only dismissed against Tewatia once. 


(45* from 25 vs Unadkat)

Faf vs Morris: 


(Last dismissal: CSK vs RCB, 20) 

MSD vs Unadkat: 


Moeen vs Morris & Gopal: 

Bowler BallsRunsOuts

Jadeja vs Fizz: 


(Vs Morris: 2 dismissals in 12 deliveries)

Raina vs Morris: 


Morris have never been wicket less against CSK. 

Ruturaj vs LAP:  (as RR have 3 LAP)

Innings 4 (including SMAT)
Average 5.3

Sam Curran vs LAP: (since 2019) 

Bowling typeInnings OutsAvgSR

MSD vs RR: In the last two seasons, MS has scored his most runs against RR. 

MSD vs RR: 

Innings 21
Average 43

Last 5 innings vs RR: 28, 29*, 58, 75*, 33* (avg of 111) 

SECTION 5: History between the two teams 

H2H Record: 

YearMatchesCSK wonRR won
Since 2019422

2020: RR won by 7W 

Sam 22(25) (opened) (Gopal) 1-6-0

Faf 10(9) (Archer) 

Rayudu 13(19) (Tewatia) 

MSD 28(28) (RO) 

Jadeja 35*(30) 

Samson 0(3) (Deepak) 

Buttler 70*(48) (No5) 

Deepak 4-1-18-2 

2020: RR won by 16 runs 

Smith 69(47) 

Samson 74(32) 

Uthappa 5(9) (No5) 

Sam 4-33-3 17(6) 

Watson 33(21) 

Faf 72(37) 

MSD: 29*(17) 

Archer 4-26-1 

Tewatia 4-37-3 

2019: CSK won

MSD 75*(46) 

Jof: 4-1-17-2 

Rayudu, Watson, Samson failed 

Chahar: 4-1-19-2 

Jadeja: 2-23-0


Samson, Smith, Faf, Watson failed 

Rayudu 57(47)

Jof: 4-1-19-1 

Shreyas: 4-31-0

Dhoni: 58(43) 

Jadeja: 4-20-2 

2018: CSK won

Watson: 106(57) 

Rayudu 12(8), Samson 2(3) failed 

Chahar: 4-30-2 

Shreyas: 4-20-3 

2018: RR won

Samson 21(22) (RO) 

MSD: 33*(23) 

Archer: 4-42-2 

Section 6: Better numbers in first or second Innings?

RR batsmen vs CSK: 


Buttler while chasing ☑️☑️

Miller chasing ☑️

Morris in both ☑️

Gopal first, Tewatia second (very low sample size)

CSK batsmen vs RR: 


MS slightly better in first due to 7 NO’s 

CSK bowlers vs RR: 


Chahar: Good in both, better in second. (Not huge sample size) 

Bravo: Good in both ☑️

Jadeja in second ☑️

Section 7: Finding the fantasy value: 

Top picks: 

Moeen Ali: Moeen is batting at 3, is bowling, and is looking amazing with the bat so far. High fantasy value and a very safe captaincy choice in small leagues. Although, he is playing very attacking cricket which might not be very good for your fantasy team. 

Moeen at number 3 since 2019: 

Position Matches Average 50/100
No 314452/1
Other positions 2921.464/0

Moeen in his 5 innings at Wankhede has 3 30+ scores. 

Captaincy suitability: Small & grand leagues both 

Buttler: Buttler failed in the last game, but the good news is, he is back opening. We already discussed how good his numbers as an opener are, in comparison to his numbers batting at 4 in T20’s. 

Buttler for RR in IPL: 

Position Matches Average 50
Opening 2245.459
Other 1430.51

Buttler vs CSK: 

Innings 5
Average 72

Faf: Looked good in the last game and is a safe pick for small leagues. Scored 72(37) the last time he faced RR at Sharjah. 

Captaincy suitability: Both small & grand leagues. 

Morris: Showed what he can do with the bat in the last game and why he is paid 16.25 crores. After his last knock, his fantasy value has further increased. And against CSK, has very good bowling numbers as well. 

Morris bowling numbers vs CSK: 

Innings 5
Wickets 9

Has at least one wicket against CSK in every game that he has played. Has good numbers against Faf, Raina & Jadeja. 

Captaincy suitability: Small & grand leagues both. 

Samson: In good form, batting at 3 and is also wicket keeping so a good pick in small leagues. Only threat would be Chahar with the new ball, if a wicket falls early. 

Captaincy suitability: Small & grand leagues both. 

Yesterday’s giveaway winners: 


Today’s giveaway question for an IPL jersey of your favourite team with your name & number is: 

What will be the score in power play in the first innings? For eg, RR: 55/1 or CSK 46/2 

Closest wins. Deadline 7PM & no edited & multiple comments allowed. 

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