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MI vs DC Dream11 Team, MI vs DC Dream11 Prediction & analysis

MI vs DC Dream11 Team, MI vs DC Dream11 Prediction & analysis

IPL: DC vs MI 


Venue: MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai 

Average scores at Chennai: 

YearMatches Avg 1st innings scoreAvg 1st innings winning score 
IPL 20198144/5166/4 
Overall 60164/6173/6 

Toss impact at Chennai: (only venue where batting first have won more games) 

YearMatches Bat 1st wonBat 2nd wonToss win batToss win bowl
IPL 201984426

In IPL 2019, while defending 150+ at Chepauk 

Matches:5, won: 4, lost: 1 

IPL overall, while defending 150+ at Chepauk

Matches: 39, won: 29 (74%), lost: 10 

Stadium wise numbers in IPL: (All the numbers mentioned below are since 2018)


Stadium wise runs break-up: 


Stadium wise Pace vs Spin: 


Phase wise numbers at Chennai: (last two seasons)

Overs Average wicketsOthers
1-61.9 1.3-1.4
16-201.4 2

Best bowling type at the venue: Off-spin (Thanks to Bhajji)

IPL 2021: 

MI vs RCB:  MI 159-9, RCB: 160-8 

(Only two wickets to spinners)

KKR: 187-6, SRH: 177-5 (6P-5S) 

MI: 152 (8-2), KKR: (2-5) 

RCB: 149-8 (5-3), SRH: 143-9 (5-3) 

MI: 150-5 (3-2), SRH: 137 (4-4) 

MI & DC at Chennai: 

TeamMatches WonLost

DC will be playing their first game at Chennai this season. 

SECTION 2: Predicted XI’s: 


Rohit (C) (RHB) 


Suryakumar (RHB) 

Kishan (LHB) 

Hardik (RHB, RAM) 

Pollard (RHB, RAM)

Krunal (LHB, LAO) 

Adam Milne (RAF)

Rahul Chahar (RALB) 

Boult (LAM) 

Bumrah (RAF) 

*MI used Jayant Yadav last season against the DC lefties, might bring him once again. 


Shaw (RHB)

Dhawan (LHB) 

Smith (RHB) 

Pant (LHB) (C & WK) 

Stoinis (RHB, RAM) 

Lalit Yadav (RHB, RAO) 

Woakes/Nortje (RAM/RAF) 

Ashwin (RAO, RHB) 

Avesh Khan (RAF) 

Rabada (RAF) 

Meriwala/Mishra (LAM/RALB) 

*Nortje was available in the last game but surprisingly, wasn’t selected. 

SECTION 3: Recent Form: 



Pre-season form: Decent. 

Vs KKR: 2(6) 

Vs SRH: 40(39) 


Pre-season form: Good 

Vs RCB: 19(15) (RO) 

Vs KKR: 43(32) 1-9-0

Vs SRH: 32(25) 

Ishan Kishan: 

Pre-season form: Good 

Vs RCB: 28(19) 

Vs KKR: 1(3) 

Vs SRH: 12(21) 


Pre-season form: Excellent 

Vs RCB: 31(23) 

Vs KKR: 56(36) 

Vs SRH: 10(6) 


Pre-season form: Good 

Vs RCB: 13(10) 

Vs KKR: 15(17) 

Vs SRH: 7(5) 


Pre-season form: Good 

Vs RCB: 7(9) 

Vs KKR: 5(8) 1-12-0

Vs SRH: 35*(22) (No5) 2-10-0


Pre-season form: Excellent with the bat, poor with the ball. 

Vs RCB: 7(7) 4-25-1  (5,7,9,11)

Vs KKR: 15(9) 4-13-1 (5,7,16,18) 

Vs SRH: 3*(3) 3-30-1 (5,8,16) 

Rahul Chahar: 

Pre-season form: Good 

Vs RCB: 4-43-0 (8,12,14,16)

Vs KKR: 4-27-4 (9,11,13,15) 

Vs SRH: 4-19-3 (9,11,13,15) 

Trent Boult: 

Pre-season form: Good 

Vs RCB: 4-36-1 (1,3,6,18) 

Vs KKR: 4-27-2 (1,3,10,20) 

Vs SRH: 3.4-28-3 (1,3,18,20) 


Pre-season form: Good. Has been away from white ball cricket for a while. 

Vs RCB: 4-26-2  (2,3,17,19)

Vs KKR: 4-28-0 (4,12,17,19) 

Vs SRH: 4-14-1 (2,6,17,19) 

Marco Jansen: 

Pre-season form: Decent 

Vs RCB: 4-28-2  (4,10,15,20)

Vs RCB: 2-17-0 (2,6) 

Adam Milne: 

Pre-season form: Decent 

Vs SRH: 3-33-0 (4,7,14) 


Pre-season form: Good 

Piyush Chawla: 

Pre-season form: Good 

Jayant Yadav: 

Pre-season form: Good


Shaw: Excellent 

Vs CSK: 72(38) 

Vs RR: 2(5) 

Vs PBKS: 32(17) 

Dhawan: Good 

Vs CSK: 85(54) 

Vs RR: 9(11) 

Vs PBKS: 92(49) 


Vs PBKS: 9(12) 

Rahane: Hasn’t played white ball cricket recently 

Vs RR: 8(8)

Stoinis: Good 

Vs CSK: 2-26-0 (13,15) 

Vs RR: 0(5) 

Vs PBKS: 27*(13) 1-15-0

Woakes: Has not played any competitive game since Nov, 20

Vs CSK: 3-18-2 (1,3,20) 

Vs RR: 15*(11) & 4-22-2 (1,3,5,17) 

Vs PBKS: 4-42-1 (1,3,17,20) 

Pant: Excellent 

Vs CSK: 15(12) 

Vs RR: 51(32) (RO) 

Vs PBKS: 15(16) 

Hetmyer: Very good


Mishra: Hasn’t played after last IPL

Vs CSK: 3-27-0 (8,10,12) 


Ishant: Good 

Umesh: Good (again, no white ball cricket recently)

Tom Curran: Poor 

Vs CSK: 4-40-1 (7,14,17,19) 

Vs RR: 21(16) 3.4-35-0 (12,14,18,20) 

Avesh Khan: Good 

Vs CSK: 4-23-2 (2,4,16,18) 

Vs RR: 4-32-3 (2,8,10,16) 

Vs PBKS: 4-33-1 (10,12,15,19) 


Vs CSK: 4-47-1 (5,7,9,11) 

Vs RR: 3-14-0 (7,9,11) 

Vs PBKS: 4-28-0 (5,7,9,14)

Lalit Yadav: 

Vs RR: 20(24) 

Vs PBKS: 1-11-0 12*(6) 


Vs 3-32-1 (2,4,13) 

SECTION 4: Player Battles: 

QDK vs Ashwin: 


(Last year: 29 balls, 31 runs, 2 dismissals) Also dismissed Rohit in the PP, last season. 

QDK vs Rabada, Nortje & Stoinis: 

BowlerBalls RunsOuts

Rohit vs Rabada, Nortje & Mishra: 

Rabada42491 (2017)
Nortje 15251 (2020)
Mishra 85806 (2019)

Surya vs Rabada: 

Balls 24

Yet to be dismissed against Ashwin & Mishra. 

Pollard vs Ashwin: 


Last season: Got him on the first ball. 

Bumrah vs Stoinis & Pant: 


(Pant’s most dismissals are against Bumrah)

Pant vs Krunal: 

Outs3 (2020)

Shaw vs Boult: 


Dhawan vs Boult & Bumrah: 

Bowler BallsRunsOuts

Last season: 16 ball 21 against Boult (1 dismissal) & 21 ball 19 against Bumrah (1 dismissal)

Boult has also dismissed Dhawan 5 times in ODI’s. 

Most wickets at Chepauk: 

Albie Morkel36

Ashwin vs MI: (His most wickets against any IPL team) 

Innings 27
Average 28.6

Ashwin’s recent vs MI: 4-28-0, 4-29-3, 4-18-0, 4-35-1 

Boult vs DC: 

Innings 4

Boult vs DC last season: 4-30-3, 2-9-2, 4-21-3, 4-36-1 

SECTION 5: History between the two teams 

2020: IPL Final: 

Stoinis 0(1) (Boult) 2-23-1 

Dhawan 15(13) (Jayant) 

Pant 56(38) (NCN) 

Boult 4-30-3 

Bumrah 4-28-0

Krunal 3-30-0 

Rohit 68(51) (Nortje) 

QDK 20(12) (Stoinis) 

SKY 19(20) (RO) 

Ishan 33*(19) 

Nortje 2.4-25-2, Rabada: 3-32-1 

Ashwin 4-28-0

2020 Q1: MI won by 57 runs 

QDK 40(25) (Ash) 

Rohit 0(1) (Ash) 

Surya 51(38) (Nortje)

Ishan 55*(30), Hardik 37*(14) 

Dhawan 0(2) (Bumrah) 

Rahane 0(3) (Boult) 

Iyer 12(8) (Bumrah) 

Stoinis 65(46) (Bumrah) 

Pant 3(9) (Krunal) 

Axar 42(33) (Pollard) 

Boult 2-1-9-2 

Bumrah 4-1-14-4 

Krunal 4-22-1 13(10) 

Pollard 0(2) 4-36-1 

2020: MI won by 9W 

Dhawan: 0(2) (Boult) 

Shaw 10(11) (Boult) 

Iyer 25(29) (Chahar) 

Pant 21(24) (Bumrah) 

Stoinis 2(3) (Bumrah) 

Boult 4-21-3, Bumrah 4-17-3 

Chahar 4-24-1 

NCN 2-14-1 

Krunal 3-13-0 

Ishan 72*(47) 

QDK 26(28) (Nortje) 

Rabada 3-27-0 

2020: MI won by 5W 

Dhawan 69*(52) 

Rahane 15(15) (No3) 

Iyer 42(33) 

Krunal 4-26-2 

Chahar 4-27-0

Bumrah 4-26-0 

Boult 4-36-1 

De Kock 53(36) (Ashwin) 

Surya 53(32) (Rabada) 

Ishan 28(15) (No4) 

Hardik 0(2) (Stoinis) 

Rabada 4-28-2 

Ashwin 4-35-1 

2019: DC won by 37 runs 

Dhawan 43(36) 

Iyer 16(10) 

Pant 78*(27) 

Bumrah 4-40-1 

QDK 27(16)

Krunal 32(15) 

Rabada 4-23-2 

2019: MI won by 40 runs 

QDK 35(27) 

Surya 26(27) (Rabada) 

Krunal 37(26) 2-7-1 

Hardik 32(15) 

Rabada 4-38-2 

Dhawan 35(22) 

Iyer 3(6) (Rahul) 

Rahul 4-19-3 

Bumrah 4-18-2 

2018: DC won by 7W 

Surya 53(32) 

Ishan 44(23) 

Pant 47(25) (Krunal) 

Krunal 3-21-2 

2018: DC won by 11 runs 

Pant 64(44) (Krunal) 

Hardik 27(17) 

Harshal 2.3-28-3 

Section 6: Better numbers in First or second Innings?

MI batsmen vs DC: 


Rohit good in both 

QDK good in both 

Ishan better in second (low sample)

Surya better in first (low sample) 

Pollard, Hardik & Krunal all better in first

MI bowlers vs DC: 


Bumrah 12/18 wickets in second 

Boult good in both, very good in first

Pollard, Krunal, Chahar in second 

DC batsmen vs MI: 


Pant in first 

Smith very good in second 

Dhawan in both 

Stoinis in second (low sample)

DC bowlers vs MI: 


Section 7: Player performance at the venue: 

Since DC is playing their first game at Chennai this season, will be discussing their numbers only. Also, MI’s numbers will be misleading due to recency bias. 

DC bowlers at Chepauk: 

Ashwin: (very good in second) 

1st: 18I, 71O, 18W, 23.7 SR 

2nd: 24I, 91.3O, 33W, 16.6 SR 

(In the current lineup, only Ashwin has played at Chepauk) 

DC batsmen at Chepauk (overall) 


DC batsmen at Chepauk in IPL: 


Section 8: Finding the fantasy value: 

Top picks: 

Suryakumar Yadav: Is in the form of his life right now, and is by far the safest choice in small leagues the way he is batting right now. Has very good numbers at Chepauk too. 

Surya in his last four innings vs DC has two fifties. 

Captaincy suitability: Small leagues & grand leagues both. 

Rohit Sharma: Has got starts in every game but has not converted those starts into a big knock. More of a safe pick for small leagues. 

The last time he faced DC he scored a match winning 68(51) in the IPL finals. 

Bumrah & Boult: There are not many sure shot captaincy picks in the batting section in this game, so better to go with the most reliable options in the bowling section. 

Both Boult & Bumrah have amazing numbers against DC recently, and have absolutely dominated them. 

Captaincy suitability: Small & grand leagues both. 

Interesting case of Dhawan vs MI: Dhawan either scores big against MI, or he goes very cheaply (or a duck) Nothing in between. 

His last 6 innings vs MI: 15(13), 0(2), 0(2), 69(52), 35(22), 43(36)

So in your GL teams, make him captain in few teams and completely drop him in few. 

Ashwin Anna’s return at Chepauk: Ashwin has just one wicket in IPL 2021 so far, but not to forget, he was playing at Wankhede where spinners usually struggle. Now he is back at his den, Chepauk. 

Ashwin has the most wickets at Chepauk in IPL: 

Most wickets at Chepauk: 

Albie Morkel36

Ashwin vs MI: (His most wickets against any IPL team) 

Innings 27
Average 28.6

Ashwin’s recent vs MI: 4-28-0, 4-29-3, 4-18-0, 4-35-1 

Notable mention: 

Ishan Kishan: Struggling with his timing at Chepauk so far, Ishan was dismissed just once last year against DC. 

Ishan vs DC in 2020:

Innings 4
Average 189

Yesterday’s giveaway winners: 

Priyank Patel

Dacchu Kicchu

Himanshu Singh 

(Kindly DM me on Instagram or Twitter) 

Today’s giveaway question for an IPL jersey of your favourite team (with your name & number) 

What will be Ashwin’s exact bowling figures in this game? For eg Ashwin 4-28-2 

Closest wins. Deadline 7:30 PM & no edited/multiple comments allowed. 

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