MI vs SRH Dream11 Team, MI vs SRH Dream11 & Match Preview IPL 2021


IPL 2021: MI vs SRH 

Section 1: Venue 

Team records at the venue: 

TeamPlayed Won Lost

MI vs SRH at Abu Dhabi: No game yet. 

SECTION 2:Predicted XIs:


Rohit (C) (RHB) 

Ishan (WK) (LHB)

Suryakumar (RHB) 

Saurabh Tiwary (LHB)

Hardik (RHB, RAM) 

Pollard* (RHB, RAM)

Neesham* (LHB, RAM) 


Rahul Chahar (RALB) 

Boult* (LAM) 

Bumrah (RAF) 

*Rahul Chahar should be back with the number of right handers in the SRH lineup or can bring Krunal in place of Jayant for the same reason. And with the change in venue, would want to bring QDK back too.


Abhishek Sharma (LHB, LAO) 

Jason Roy* (RHB) 

Kane Williamson* (RHB) (C) 

Priyam Garg/Virat Singh (RHB/LHB) 

Samad (RHB, RALB) 

Saha (RHB, WK) 

Jason Holder* (RAM, RHB) 

Rashid* (RALB, RAM) 

Bhuvi (RAM) 

Sid Kaul (RAM) 

Umran Malik/Sandeep (RAM) 

Section 3: Player matchups: 

Abhishek vs Bumrah & Rahul: 

Bowler Innings Balls RunsOuts

Roy vs MI bowlers: 

Bowler Innings Balls RunsOuts

Kane vs MI bowlers: 

Bowler Innings Balls RunsOuts
Pollard 1201

Rashid Vs Bumrah: 4I, 6B, 3R, 3W 

Hardik vs Rashid: 

Balls 33 

Hardik vs Sid Kaul: 4I, 15B, 7R, 2W 

Rohit vs Sandeep: (IMP) 

Balls 42
Outs4 (in 11 innings)

(Last 9 balls: 8 runs, 2 dismissals. Both came at Sharjah)

Rohit vs SRH bowlers: 

Bowler Innings Balls RunsOuts

SKY vs SRH bowlers: 

Bowlers Innings Balls RunsOuts
Sid Kaul429542
Holder 1560

QDK vs SRH: (his most runs against any IPL team) 

Innings 10
Average 41.22

Dismissed once against Bhuvneshwar, Rashid, Sandeep & Kaul in 253 deliveries. 

Pollard vs SRH (since IPL 2018) 

Innings 7
Average 48.5

Rohit Sharma vs SRH (his least runs & worst average against an IPL team)

Innings 17
Average 18.5

Rohit recent innings vs SRH: 32(25), 4(7), 6(5), 24(18), 11(14), 2(6), 11(10) 

SECTION 5: History between the two teams 

H2H  numbers: 

YearMatches MI wonSRH won
Overall 1798
Since 2019541

2021: MI won by 13 runs 

QDK 40(39) (Mujeeb) 

Rohit 32(25) (Shankar)

SKY 10(6) (Shankar) 

Pollard 35*(22) 2-10-0

Rashid 4-22-0 

Bhuvneshwar 4-45-0

Khaleel 4-24-1 

Shankar 3-19-2 28(25) 

Bairstow 43(22) (Krunal) 

Pandey 2(7) (Chahar) 

Boult 3.4-28-3

Bumrah 4-14-1 

Chahar 4-19-3 

Krunal 3-30-1 

2020: SRH won by 10W 

Rohit 4(7) (Sandeep)

QDK: 25(13) (Sandeep) 

Suryakumar: 36(29) 

Ishan 33(30) (Sandeep) 

Pollard 41(25) (Holder) 

Sandeep 4-34-3  

Holder 4-25-2 

Natarajan 4-38-0

Rashid 4-32-1 

Warner 85*(58) 

Saha 58*(45)

2020: MI won by 34 runs (Sharjah) 

Rohit 6(5) (Sandeep) 

QDK 67(39) (Rashid) 

SKY 27(18) (Kaul) 

Ishan 31(23) (Sandeep) (No4) 

Hardik 28(19) (Kaul)

Pollard 25*(13) 3-20-0 

Krunal 20*(4) 4-35-2 

Sandeep 4-41-2, Natarajan: 4-29-0

Rashid: 4-22-1 

Warner 60(44) (Pattinson) 

Pandey 30(19) (Pattinson) 

Williamson 3(5) (Boult)

Chahar 1-16-0

2019: MI won by 40 runs

Rohit 11(14) (Nabi) 

QDK 19(18) (Kaul) 

Surya 7(8) (Sandeep) 

Pollard 46*(26) 

Hardik 14(14) (Rashid)

Sandeep 3-20-1 

Kaul 4-34-2 

Bairstow 16(10) (Chahar)

Warner 15(13) 

Chahar 4-21-2 

Bumrah 3-16-1 

2019: MI won the super over

Rohit 24(18) (Khaleel) 

QDK 69*(58) 

Surya 23(17) (Khaleel) 

Hardik 18(10) (Bhuvi) 

Pollard 10(9) (Khaleel) 

Khaleel 4-42-3 

Rashid 4-21-0

Pandey 71*(47) 

Williamson 3(7) (Krunal) 

Krunal: 4-22-2 

Bumrah 4-31-2 

2018: SRH won by 1W 

Rohit 11(10) (Stanlake) 

Ishan 9(9) (Kaul) 

Surya 28(31) (Sandeep) 

Pollard 28(23) 

Sandeep 4-25-2 

Rashid 4-13-1 

Kaul 4-29-2 

2018: SRH won by 31 runs 

Williamson 29(21) (Hardik)

Pandey 16(11) (Hardik)

Bumrah 4-25-1 

Surya 34(38) (Thampi) 

Rohit 2(6) (Shakib) (No4) 

Krunal 24(20) (Rashid) 

Kaul 4-23-3 

Rashid: 4-1-11-2 

Sandeep 3-9-1 

Thampi 1.5-4-2 

Section 5: Better numbers in first or second Innings? 


Pollard good in both ✅

QDK in both, better bat first ✅

MI bowlers vs SRH: 

MI bowlers vs SRH 1st 2nd.png

Bumrah better bowling second ✅

Chahar bowling second ✅

NCN bowling first ✅

SRH batsmen vs MI: 


Roy chasing ✅ (only innings)

Saha good in both, even better while chasing ✅ (Not to forget he was opening in majority of these games)

SRH bowlers vs MI: 

SRH bowlers vs MI 1st 2nd.png

Bhuvi in both ✅

Holder bowling first ✅ (only innings) 

Mujeeb in both ✅

Rashid much better in second ✅

Sandeep in both, better bowling first ✅

Kaul in both ✅

Section 6: Player performance at the venue: 

MI & SRH bowlers at Abu Dhabi: 

MI & SRH bowlers at Abu Dhabi.png

Holder bowling first ✅

Nabi bowling second ✅

Rashid bowling second ✅

Bumrah in both, better bowling second ✅

Boult bowling second ✅

MI & SRH batsmen at Abu Dhabi:

SRH & MI batsmen at Abu Dhabi .png
SRH & MI batsmen at Abu Dhabi 2.png

Roy bat first ✅ (only innings)

Kane in both, even better chasing ✅

Rohit bat first ✅

SKY in both ✅

Pollard & Hardik bat first ✅

QDK chasing ✅

Section 7: Finding the fantasy value: 

Rohit Sharma (batting first): Looked great in the last game (apart from that missed stumping on Gopal’s delivery) and batting first will be a very good captaincy choice at Abu Dhabi. His worst numbers in IPL have come against SRH, but facing Sandeep in this game (if he continues to be on the bench) will definitely help to improve those numbers. 

Rohit Sharma vs SRH (his least runs & worst average against an IPL team)

Innings 17
Average 18.5

Rohit recent innings vs SRH: 32(25), 4(7), 6(5), 24(18), 11(14), 2(6), 11(10) 

Rohit (batting first) at Abu Dhabi: 

Innings 5
Average 46

Captaincy suitability: Both small & grand leagues. 

Bumrah: The only player who features in my every preview, will again be a good captaincy choice against a batting lineup that has struggled throughout the season, especially, their middle & lower middle order (if they have any). Bumrah has never been wicket less in the last 8 games against SRH. 

Bumrah vs SRH recent 8: 4-14-1, 4-41-2, 4-31-2, 3-16-1, 4-25-1, 4-32-2, 3.2-24-1, 4-24-3 

Captaincy suitability: Both small & grand leagues. 

Rashid Khan (bowling second): Rashid has had a very forgettable second half, if you’re expecting SRH to do well and defend a total like they did in the last game, go with Rashid as C or VC in those combinations. Even bowling first he can be a good choice in this game as MI will go all guns blazing trying to score a mammoth score and might give few wickets to him. 

Captaincy suitability: Mini GL & GL. 

QDK (chasing) (if plays): Was surprisingly benched in the last game, but if returns, can be a very good captaincy choice while chasing. His best numbers in IPL have also come against SRH. 

QDK vs SRH: (his most runs against any team) 

Innings 10
Average 41.22

Captaincy suitability: Both small & grand leagues. 

Other choices: 

SKY (bat first): Mini GL & GL

Pollard & Hardik (bat first): Mini GL & GL

Sid Kaul & Bhuvneshwar (bowling first): GL only 

The numbers game: 

Sandeep has not been wicket-less against MI in his last 6 games. Picked 3 & 2 wickets against them last season. 

Boult picked his best bowling figures this season against SRH. (3/28) 

Qualification scenario for MI & how it affects your Fantasy approach for this game

MI are almost out of the contention, they have to win by 171 runs or more & score at least 200 to go past KKR’s NRR. If they chase, they don’t even have that chance. 

So MI will definitely try to score as many as they can to give them a chance, as a result, eyeing 240-250 they can either be all out giving away wickets to the SRH bowlers or can actually score a mammoth score to keep everyone entertained. So have more SRH bowlers & MI power hitters, whatever happens, your fantasy team should have both scenarios covered or at least one of them which you feel is more likely to happen. 

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